The 5 things a Virtual Assistant should not forget

Recently, after 3 years of being a virtual assistant, I had a major setback in my office.  Being human, I instantly got upset, depressed to a certain degree started to wonder if all this hard work was worth it.

After a lot of thinking, chats with friends and family, I came to the decision that being a VA is worth it.  I love the flexibility, I love meeting new clients and taking on new projects every week! However there were 5 specific things that I learnt I must NOT DO in my home office:

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Let Others Take Care of the Details

virtual assistant

We have all wished for extra hour or two of quiet in a day to finish a project.   With everything that goes on around us on a daily basis, it is hard to concentrate on the little details which can make a huge difference.  Looking professional at work doesn’t just include the way you dress and present yourself, it includes how you present your work – whether it be your documents, presentations, excel spreadsheets and emails.  But who on earth has the time today to look after the little details which make the biggest difference.

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Breast Cancer Awareness – The SA Metal Way!


For those of you who don’t know me personally – I am a huge Metal head and I absolutely love the underground scene we have here in South Africa!

In South Africa we have a ‘Breast Cancer’ Awareness Month which happens in October.  Last year a whole bunch of musicians from the heavy metal bands of South Africa, posed in BRIGHT pink shirts and the girls tying a pink ribbon around themselves, all with catchy lines,  to raise awareness of Breast Cancer.  I absolutely love the campaign, these are just some of the photos they took!

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