Away from it all


I am a great fan of cartoon movies, and one of my old time favourites from back in the day is the ‘Goofy Movie’. There is one part in the movie where Goofy looks at his son and says “Away from it all” (I picture his face every time I say that) and that is what my blog is all.

Working all day everyday can become taxing and can start to become a detriment to your health. However getting away from the stresses of life is not always the easiest of tasks that we are faced with in the day. I remember when I was a little girl and we would go on holiday, my mom and dad enjoyed the holiday with us.  But now today with smartphones and tablets, most people work close to 24 hours a day, and even work during their holidays. People are no longer getting tennis elbow from sports but “text thumbs” from spending too much time on their cellular devices.

Here are some times that I employ in my life to help me get ‘Away  from it all’, even if it’s for 5-10 minutes in the day and I hope they can help you…

The off button

Surprisingly all of these smartphones and tablets have this thing called an ‘off button’. When I heard of it, I didn’t believe it existed, till I went on a search, found it and pressed it. What happened next was amazing – complete silence. I will admit it was a bit weird at first, the sudden silence, but then I discovered I slept through the night with no disturbances, I was able to get work done quicker because there were no pings in the background …Try it, just for a day or two and see what a difference it makes to you.   

The sun and fresh air

I hate the sun! I hate getting burnt, sweaty and sticky …the thought of it all makes me want to be a vampire. But I was was at a networking meeting and the speaker said “when life in the office gets too much, when you have a mental block, take your shoes off go outside stand on the grass and connect with nature”. At first I thought this woman was barmy, who in their busy days has time to go ‘connect with nature’, until one day I was so desperate I tried it and I might sound crazy now, but I felt so much better after a 5 minute break in the sun, barefoot on the grass.

Get some air in your hair

Yes we all have hectic deadlines. Yes we need 10 more hours in a day to get the work done. BUT sitting behind your PC all day everyday will cause you to go crazy and before you know it you will be having full conversations with the unicorn sitting on your desk. Sometimes when I am overwhelmed with work and just don’t know where to start nor where to go next, I go out, whether it be tea with a friend, movies and dinner with my boyfriend or a night out clubbing with the girls. What I find is the next day I am ready to tackle to pile ahead of me and I go through it much quicker.



 “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ― Confucius

Music for me helps the most. Now I am a heavy metal fan, so a good heavy song from Metallica, Lamb of God or Killswitch Engage will get me back in the mood to work and will help me concentrate. Some people (like my mom) like to listen to the hooked on classics albums and my sister enjoys the gold old classics like Louis Armstrong. Whatever it is, put it on softly in the background and, press that off button and work to the music. It helps make work just a little bit more fun which helps the work day go by faster.

Those are just some of my tricks that help me get through the day, please comment below and share what it is that helps you get through the day.


Kelly is the Owner and full time Virtual Assistant at The Admin's Niche. The Admin's Niche offers a wide range of services both locally and globally. Kelly has a BA Degree in Corporate Communication, an ICDL and has attained her Certified Administrative Professional Certification and has successfully completed the Organisational Management specialty exam.

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2 comments on “Away from it all
  1. I think I’m going office crazy as I seem to talk all day long to my computer, the printer, the office chair etc, I need to take breaks and get out into the sunshine

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