Blogging Challenge 2014 – The first of many new exciting things

2013 was an amazing year for The Admin’s Niche.  New clients, new VA friends and many challenges.  During one of my online networking “sessions”, it was suggested that a bunch of VAs get together and take part in a ‘Blogging Challenge’.  Before I could even think about it, I joined up.



Starting on the 4 January 2014, VAs who signed up for the challenge will write 2 blogs per week starting with the first letter of the Alphabet … The Awesome ‘A’.  I look forward to reading, sharing and commenting on other VAs work as well as LEARNING!

If you are interested in boosting you confidence when it comes to blogging, sharing your knowledge with like-minded individuals, learning from others – drop me an email ( and I will add you to our ‘Secret’ Facebook group.


Kelly is the Owner and full time Virtual Assistant at The Admin's Niche. The Admin's Niche offers a wide range of services both locally and globally. Kelly has a BA Degree in Corporate Communication, an ICDL and has attained her Certified Administrative Professional Certification and has successfully completed the Organisational Management specialty exam.

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One comment on “Blogging Challenge 2014 – The first of many new exciting things
  1. Hi Kelly, thank you for inviting me to the blogging challenge. I’m looking forward to it too. It’s nice to be able to share knowledge and learn from others. Have a look at the blogs I’m going to be participating with – and Gaynor Paynter author Working From Home as a Transcriptionist in South Africa.

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