Things that go bump in the night … and on your desk.


Today is Halloween and as all the kids are getting ready for their “trick or treat” outings and people are getting their costumes ready, but how does your desk look today?  Do you walk into work every morning thinking “I really don’t want to even look at that inbox”?  I will admit, I do have a few things on my list that just make my skin crawl and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Papers, emails and other small bits of bobs of work that you have to do every day can pile up into a mountain before we know it, and that is why we need to stay on top of it – we need to make sure no molehill becomes a mountain.

Many entrepreneurs and business people need to focus on the important things and unfortunately those things take time away from the Admin work which piles up slowly.  When I worked as an PR practitioner and events coordinator, I always had a secret wish that there was someone else doing the nitty gritty admin work so that I could concentrate on the more important things.

Here are some tips to keeping Admin work a “treat” rather than a “trick” this Halloween.

  1. I was given a book called “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracey.  The basic concept is: “Do what you hate doing FIRST“.  Get it out of the way so that you can carry on working without the thought of that “ghoulish” task that you still have to do.  You will be surprised at how wonderful you feel after completing a task you hate doing.
  2. Many people have said this – but out some time in the day aside that is purely dedicated for Admin Tasks.  Even if it is just an hour a day, that hour will make a difference in the end.
  3. SYNC everything.  I have my email on my laptop, smartphone and iPad.  Whenever I have a spare moment, whether it be standing in a queue or waiting for a pot to boil, I take a quick squiz at my email and delete the spam and mark what needs to be done urgently.  This helps save time by eliminating the 100s of emails that you won’t have to action.
  4. CATEGORISE.  PRIORITISE.  If you are working on a project with a hectic deadline it is easy to push aside another project’s work because “you simply don’t have the time for it”.  What happens in most cases it once you reach the one deadline you now sit with a pile of work for the next project, causing more unnecessary stress in your life.
  5. PLAN the next day.  I worked for a London company once and in the beginning my client wanted me to write down a full day schedule of what I was going to do the next day and how much time it would take me.  In the beginning I thought this man was mad, after a couple of days I realised how it benefited me to do this.  Try it out and see if it works for you.
  6. Hire a virtual assistant to help you with the over flow of work.  Virtual assistants are already trained and set up to deal with any project that you need to have completed.  The amount of services a virtual assistant can provide you with is endless, we don’t only do ONE thing!

I hope the above is a “treat” for you this Halloween.  Remember, the Admin’s Niche team is here to help YOU save time and save money (and relieve some stress off your shoulders as well)



Kelly is the Owner and full time Virtual Assistant at The Admin's Niche. The Admin's Niche offers a wide range of services both locally and globally. Kelly has a BA Degree in Corporate Communication, an ICDL and has attained her Certified Administrative Professional Certification and has successfully completed the Organisational Management specialty exam.

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