On the Learning Path to greatness (From the archives)

caterpillar-butterfly-300x263After working in the corporate world for 10 years, I was asked to assist a Virtual Assistant to help her with some work.  I discovered a new world, and decided it was a world I wanted to be in.  In January 2013 I took the plunge and I started my own Virtual Assistant Business – The Admin’s Niche.

Since then I have learnt so many new things, met wonderful people and taken part in some very interesting jobs.  But being so fresh in this world can be difficult. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to stumble upon an #adminchat on Twitter which was hosted by Gary Gorman.  Even though I didn’t really participate, the amount of knowledge I gained was beyond amazing, while going through my archives I found the information and thought I would share it with you

The first point that was discussed was tips for VAs who were struggling to sell their skills.  Gary Gorman gave this important advice: DON’T FOCUS ON FEATURES – FOCUS ON BENEFITS

It is easy to tell everyone your skills, but when selling those skills people always need an added bonus.  The example he gave us was instead of just saying “I can set up a WordPress Blog for you” add a part saying “so that you can use the time I save you more efficiently”.  Also explain how you would do it, it will give the buyer/client more comfort when hiring you.

Gary then gave 3 vital tips for those struggling to get out there in the Virtual Assistant world.

  1. Be different and stand out
  2. Have a niche.  You don’t have to have a niche straight away, after a while of working you will find your passion, added with your experience you will have your niche.
  3. Be clear on what you help the client gain or avoid.  Be distinctive as it’s a crucial point to make you stand out.


  1. Position yourself as an expert
  2. Attend networking meetings
  3. Answer questions on forums


A lot of virtual assistants struggle with this part of their business plan, but Gary Gorman and Julie Perrine gave some very insightful tips (thank you so much)

  • People buy on value not on price.  Re state the value of the benefits you deliver.
  • If they still have price concerns, ask what element they would like you to leave out.
  • Most clients don’t like sub-standard specification so you’ll probably end up getting your price easier.
  • Also the more they seek you out the firmer you can be on price.
  • Try make yourself attractive to clients in first place.
  • Words you use to describe yourself and services in print/person are key.  If you devalue your skills, they will also.

Kelly is the Owner and full time Virtual Assistant at The Admin's Niche. The Admin's Niche offers a wide range of services both locally and globally. Kelly has a BA Degree in Corporate Communication, an ICDL and has attained her Certified Administrative Professional Certification and has successfully completed the Organisational Management specialty exam.

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