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The Admin’s Niche is a Virtual Assistance/Freelance Organisation consisting of trained professionals, who are there to supply necessary factors for the existence of entrepreneurs and other organisations.

Starting out at the bottom of the “corporate food chain”, I worked my way through life learning different aspects of the office, mainly Administration, Communication and Design.  About 2.5 years ago I got a strange email asking if I was able to make forms in MS Word and that is where I started my journey on the VA path, and what an exciting journey it has been!

Just some more small tid bits about me:

The boring stuff …

  • I have a BA Degree in Corporate Communication
  • I have a Certified Administrative Professional, Organisational Management certification
  • My company has been running successfully for 2.5 years now

Fun tid bits

  • My mission each day is to help run the offices of Entrepreneurs and Individuals worldwide so that they can accomplish their dreams
  • My company is VIRTUAL (I work from home in Pretoria, South Africa)
  • My clients are based all over the world, including; South Africa, America, London, Dubai and Australia just to name a few.
  • I think shoes and socks are little prisons for your feet
  • I love the colour purple …

I started the Admin’s Niche because I realised there was a need for that “Ad Hoc” person in the office, just someone there that will understand your situation and help you where you need it most!

If you are curious about how the Admin’s Niche team can help you in your offices – take a look at our services or drop us an email!

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